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Regularly updated based on current information and recommendations published by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Sport and UGDA.

To respect the government recommendations published on 6th January 2021 and applicable from 10th January 2021, all classes will be streamed from the studio until it is possible to train together in person again.


A maximum of 1 student can attend the class on the spot (no distance and no mask necessary) or a maximum of 2 people can attend the class in-studio wearing masks and keeping 2 metres distance. Please indicate in the relevant WhatsApp group until 24 hours before the start of your class if you'd like to attend in person - first come first served. :)

Hoping to meet you all in-studio as soon as possible! Till then – let's keep up the spirit and train online! 💪🖖😷

Let's Stay Safe and Fit Together

Group activities have become very fragile in the current situation – we don't know how long we can continue them, in which form and under what conditions. But we trust that if we all do our part in taking care of each other, our efforts pay off and we can both enjoy dance and the company of our fellow dancers and stay safe at the same time. :)

Therefore, on top of the regular hygiene and distancing measures advised for everyone (sneezing/coughing in the fold of the elbowno-touch greetings, frequent cleaning of the hands, not touching the face), we apply further ones and ask for your cooperation.

Our Part

We closely follow the news and apply the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Sport with immediate effect. If they change too quickly for us to update this page, we will always inform you in a message and discuss the changes at the start of the class.


Our current rules are:

  • If someone presents any symptoms detailed under 'Your Part', they cannot attend the class 

  • The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 4 (classes split into two where necessary). Please confirm your attendance at least 24 hours in advance in the WhatsApp group for each class.

  • We write an attendance list at the beginning of every class

  • Every newcomer has to fill in a contact-tracing form

  • The time spent in the changing room is limited to the strict minimum

  • Our studio provides access to water, soap, single-use paper towels, and hand sanitiser

  • As long as the weather conditions allow, at least one window is kept constantly open during the class

  • The rehearsal room is aired thoroughly before and after the classes (as long as the weather conditions allow, for at least 15 minutes)

  • We leave the door open during the class

  • We keep a distance of 2 metres during warm-up and stretching

  • Dancing in couples is optional for those of you who don't come from the same household, and is only possible in masks and gloves*

  • Whenever the 2-metres distance cannot be kept, it is compulsory to wear a mask and gloves (single-use plastic gloves are provided for any case)

  • Only the teacher can open the doors/windows, manipulate light switches, etc. to avoid that the same surface is touched by many people

  • Contact surfaces are disinfected after each use (ballet bar, door/window handles, light switches, intercom button, music equipment, any chairs in the room, etc.)

  • If we are informed that any of our students/instructors test positive for Covid-19, we immediately contact:

    • the owner of Vedanza Studios

    • the commune

    • the Direction de la Santé (247-65533)

If the rules issued by the Ministries so require, the changing room is entirely closed and dancers are requested to arrive directly in their training clothes.


In the case of a second lock-down, classes will be continued with an adjusted schedule online or outdoors as soon as the restrictions and the weather conditions allow.

Your Part

  • We love to see you at every class and appreciate your efforts to come even if it's more difficult to arrange so BUT if it is about your health, let's take it seriously. Please contact your doctor, inform us and stay home if you experience at least one of the following symptoms:

    • fever​

    • cough

    • breathing difficulties

    • chest pain

    • loss of smell or taste without any apparent reason

  • ...or at least two of the following symptoms:

    • muscle pain

    • fatigue

    • a cold (nasal congestion or runny nose)

    • sore throat

    • headache

    • loss of apetite

    • watery diarrhoea

  • Please wear your mask when entering the building – it can be removed when we can guarantee the distance of 2 metres

  • Please arrive already in your sports/dancewear if you can to limit the use of the changing room as much as possible

  • Please avoid touching handles, switches, etc. – your instructor will be there to help with everything

  • Please leave the doors open

  • Please disinfect your hands when entering the rehearsal room

  • Please respect the distance between each other

  • ​Please don't share personal objects (bottle of water, mats, etc.)

  • Please wear you mask and gloves* when dancing in couples


*Gloves: caution, they might give a false feeling of security and they might risk the contamination of multiple surfaces unless changed regularly. Even if wearing gloves, washing the hands with soap/disinfecting the hands regularly is still important.

Last updated on: 11 January 2021

Thank you for your cooperation!


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