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Dancing on in Times of Crisis

Updated: May 8, 2020

COVID-19 has hit the world unexpectedly and turned our lives upside down. But life goes on... and so we all have to find our new place in it :)

What do we do to help?

Stopping physical classes In order to help to slow the spread of the virus and to comply with the decisions of the government, we stopped all our physical classes on 16th March (some classes even earlier). Any unused subscriptions can be used once we can return to Vedanza Dance Studios. Moving Online Alright, the world is upside-down but let’s do what we can to keep our bodies fit and the choreographies alive. 😊  Our Monday and Friday “Court Dance Classes” and “Stretching with Classics” are moving online and will continue on a donation basis. If you are a member of an existing group, feel free to join your class at the regular hour anytime you can make it and send a donation to support Court Dancing Luxembourg if you can afford it. (Details will follow by email.) The Big Plan We are eagerly looking forward to the news that will allow small gatherings and if the weather continues to pamper us as it has so far this spring, we can even invade the Kinnekswiss park in masks and start dancing in a physical group… 🤞 keeping a safe distance from anyone with whom we do not live together, of course! “Stretching with Classics” for Everyone We have opened up our “Stretching with Classics” online and it is available for everyone for free from next week (donations welcome).  “Stretching with Classics” is the ultimate wind-down for body and mind, multiplying the effects of stretching by using soft classical music to help your nervous system relax. Read more on the physical class here. This class can be especially beneficial in these times since it does not only help you keep your body fit, but also to find inner peace and tranquility. Apply through Register Now” to receive the online access details. We work with Zoom: nothing to install, no account to create, just click on the class link, roll out your yoga mat in your favourite corner at home, and relax. :) ActiveDoheem We are also proud to participate at the ActivDoheem project launched by the government to help people stay active at home. You can find our dedicated “Good-Morning Routine” on the website. This is a very gentle warm-up and stretching workout with serene classical music in about 30 minutes. It is perfect for seniors or anyone with joint problems to gradually wake their body up in the morning or to offer an additional, initial warm-up before a strength-improving training. It is available for free – enjoy and we hope that it will help you start your days in a beautiful way! 😊

What can You do to help?

First of all, stay safe, take care of your body and mind in these challenging times, so that you can help others who might need more support than you! Regarding Court Dancing Luxembourg, we are collecting donations during this crisis, because, unfortunately, it has affected us quite badly. Why? We are a small, independent initiative, financially relying totally on tuition fees and paid performances. We had to stop physical classes and all the cultural and sports events are cancelled until September. These circumstances and the general uncertainty of the future for the actors of the sports, culture and tourism sectors put our fresh and fragile project into a financially difficult situation. Especially because we must continue to pay the studio rent and the insurance costs even if there is no income to back them.  We are doing everything to keep Court Dancing Luxembourg alive, also involving personal assets to meet our contractual obligations. But it would help enormously if You could support us with a donation – as long as You are in the situation to afford it, of course. If you have already danced with us Join your “Court Dance” or “Stretching with Classics” class online anytime you can make it and send us a donation instead of the regular fee through bank transfer or Digicash with the mention Donation COVID-19 to keep CDL alive. (Registration details will follow in email.) If you'd like to try Stretching with Classics Have you always wanted to try this class but simply never got there? Probably this is the best time to give it a try then! :) Join our password-secured meeting in Zoom and send us a donation you can afford to support us. Register here. If you are an event organiser Balls, medieval fairs, castle visits, cultural events with a flair... Like all the tourism, culture and entertainment sector, we are having our beauty sleep during the lockdown. But only to wake up even more amazing to the kiss of freedom. :) We will be here. And we will be ready to dance. :) Right in Luxembourg. Right when everything respires and wants to celebrate the revival. Think of us ;) and contact us here. If you just want to help us Just help us. :) Donate and share now – Every donation brings us closer to our goal: to survive this challenging period so that we can invite you to dance hand in hand afterwards!

Thank You!


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