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Renaissance Workshop in Remich

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

You are cordially invited 👑

Are you enchanted by the music and the atmosphere of old times?

Are you curious how the aristocracy of this region used to open a ball in the Renaissance era?

Are you ready to be swept away by your fantasy and taken back in time?

Then join us for a radiant Sunday morning at one of the beautifully redesigned rooms of La Ribera, Remich, overlooking the Moselle river, to learn a suite of Renaissance dances in an elegant but cosy atmosphere.

Program: After a proper warm-up waking your body up and bringing you in top form for learning, we are going to talk about how we know these dances, in which environment they were danced and by whom. We will learn a set of simple choreographies and talk about the dancing style, from which you can also take away some knowledge on how to be more graceful as a lady or more elegant as a gentleman. ;) Finally, we will stretch our muscles to round up the experience in a health-conscious way. :)

Language: Primarily English but we can also use a bit of German, French, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Romanian and Hungarian to make things clearer.

For whom? The workshop has been created to give a chance to people who are interested in our classes but cannot attend regularly to catch up with some of the dances we have learnt so far. However, it is open for everyone who is curious to try something special and who is ready to playfully learn about a long-forgotten era full of cultural treasures.

Age: The workshop is for adults but there are no age restrictions. It's not about how old you are - it's about how old you feel. ;) Fitness: As long as you have a normal level of fitness, you will be able to follow and have fun. Level: Beginner. Partner: It is not necessary to come with a partner but it is great if you will! :)

How long? The workshop will last from 9 am to 13 pm, with two 15-minutes long breaks.

How much? EUR 45 for non-members and free for members of the Club des Danses Populaires of the European Institutions. If you decide to become a member at the end, your contribution will be transformed into the yearly membership fee.

Registration: Deadline: 16 May 2019

Non-members: 1. Please transfer the full amount to LU91 0019 1000 7279 1000 (recipient: Club des Danses Populaires des CE, message: 'Renaissance workshop') and 2. Send us a reply email with the proof of payment confirming your subscription in email.

Members: simply click 'Going' below the Facebook event or send us a reply email confirming your subscription.

What to bring? - Comfortable (sports)wear, a skirt for the ladies. It is a good idea to wear shorts/leggings under the skirt so that you also feel comfortable during the exercises of the warm-up and stretching. - Sports shoes/dance shoes, ballet shoes. - Yoga mat for warm-up and stretching. More on appropriate clothes and shoes under the 'Classes' tab of this website.

A special treat ;) A welcome coffee, feel-good snacks and refreshing water for the breaks will be available but you can also order from the tasty menu at the bar. :)


The address is 4 Quai de la Moselle, 5553 Remich.

Access by bus: 

...and a 2-minutes long walk (160 m) from the bus stop. 

Access by car

We are arranging car-pooling: just ask us for the link to the Doodle after your registration.

Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions either in email, through Messenger or in person at the class.

Looking forward,

Zsofia and Ionut

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