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Sharing Our Inspiration

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Court Dancing Luxembourg's Pinterest Account |

Working on our vision to create a performing group of court dances in Luxembourg, we have been spending quite a lot of time looking for authentic and inspiring sources for period costumes. We started to create dedicated period boards on Pinterest (2nd half of 15th century, Empire, 1860s, etc.) including paintings, fashion plates, costumes preserved in museums, reproductions and modern creations inspired by a historical period.

We were really amazed by the treasures one can find in the Pinterest collections of museums (notably the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and libraries (such as The New York Public Library). We have also come across beautifully designed film costumes, for example, Danilo Donati's costumes for Franco Zefirelli's 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet that won the Academy Awards for Best Costume Design or Jenny Beavan's (another Academy Award winner) costumes for Ever After (1998). We have also saved pins by inspiring Etsy-creators who have prepared spectacular dresses based on their own research.

Both authentic sources and modern-day creations have been very useful in our work, since the ideal dancing costumes have to find the right balance between authenticity and practicality—more on this in a future post on our first costume, the 'Díszmagyar'.

For now, enjoy Court Dancing Luxembourg's boards and follow them for updates!

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