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The ultimate wind-down for your body and mind...

The Perfect Evening Stretch

Stretching exercises have been linked to better sleep and greater relaxation. You can multiply their effects by stretching with soft music by dimmed lights, allowing your nervous system to relax, your mind to wind down. 

Classical music, including the works of earlier and contemporary composers, has a special ability to disconnect your thoughts from the problems and challenges of the day by letting you connect to something eternal. It helps you gain perspective, similarly as when looking around from a mountain peak... have you ever noticed how that can make you feel present, free from pressure and alive even a long time after? We would like to give you this feeling by offering an evening class dedicated to gentle wind-down and relaxation.

We use dynamic stretching exercises to warm you up at the beginning of the class and whenever moving on to a new muscle group during the main part of the class, creating the optimal conditions for effective and safe static stretching. We attend to the different muscle groups methodically, paying special attention to the muscles that are likely to shorten as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. We include exercises for improving body-awareness and posture. Some exercises come from jazz-dance routines but they are very easy to follow. Feel free to tell us about your specific needs and we can adjust the exercises to work on what is most important for you. The sessions end with a few minutes' relaxation to put you in the best mood for a calm evening that lays the foundations of a truly reinvigorating sleep.

Practical Details

20.15–21.00 on Tuesdays


Vedanza Studios

18, rue Louvigny, L-1946 Luxembourg

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More questions? Feel free to ask us either in email or in person. 


What should I wear?

Comfortable (sports)wear. Training clothes are ideally made of breathable material: cotton or functional fabric that also drives the sweat away. Keeping your muscles warm during the class increases the efficiency of stretching and decreases the chance of injuries. It's a good idea to wear leggings made of a thicker material, leg-warmers and long-sleeved tops/boleros. If you have a problem with your joints, wear protective pads unless your physiotherapist has advised otherwise. Take care of your body and wear appropriate clothes and shoes (see next section) for dancing.

What should I bring?

Bring some water and your own mat if you like, but you can also use a mat from the studio.

How do you guarantee that everyone feels comfortable at the class?

We should all make an effort to ensure that it is a pleasure for everyone to exercise with us. It all begins with arriving in time to get ready by the start and paying attention to personal hygene. Wearing clean training clothes every time (changing your top if you join after another class), washing our upper body right before the class, using deodorants (natural or other), not using a strong perfume—these gestures will be appreciated by everyone training with you.

What do you do for my safety during the class?

We will do everything to avoid injuries during the class but we also need your cooperation. Wearing appropriate shoes and clothing, not wearing jewellery, participating at the warm-up from the beginning and arriving in a state in which you are able to focus all contribute to this. If anyone comes to the class in a state that is deemed unsafe for themselves or the others by the instructors (e.g. under the influence of alcohol or drugs), they will be asked to leave. Please tell the instructors before the first class if you had an injury/operation or if you have a known musculoskeletal or other health problem. We will adjust the exercises to your health and fitness circumstances. While we do our part for ensuring your safety, the organisers and the instructors cannot be held responsible for injuries.

What are the right shoes for stretching?

Indoor shoes with a flexible sole (such as jazz shoes) made of breathable material/non-slip socks/ballet shoes. I don't recommend exercising barefoot, since it is important to keep our body warm throughout the class.